Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Lassic beats?

This is home to the best team of producers brought to you by rapper, producer, music industry vet Lassic. We bring you the hottest beats from Hip Hop, Trap, East Coast, West Coast, Underground, Dance, and EDM.

What are leased beats?

Beat leases are beats that we can sell to more than one person and can’t be used for commercial purposes. What that means is that first, if you buy a beat lease you may not be the only person who has it.

It also means that you are only permitted to use our beat leases in projects such as mixtapes, freestyles, or albums that have no costs. They can’t be used for things such as music licenses, sync licenses, background music for any commercial project.

What are exclusive beats?

Exclusive beats are yours once you buy them and are only sold once and to one person. These are the cream of the crop, the hottest, best and most proven beats! With these beats you also get the highest quality audio file in the original format they were exported in. These are premium priced beats with the best quality.

What is your refund policy?

Since you will have instant access once you successfully make a purchase we make sure you receive your what you’ve paid for almost instantly. There may be times however, that things may not go as planned or maybe your download is not what you were expecting or wanted. In those cases we offer a no questions asked refund policy. Just make sure you send us your email address, name, and item purchased when asking for a refund so that we can process it for you ASAP.

So again, if you have any issues or concerns with your purchase please contact us first as we will take care of it no questions asked. Also, if you purchase and have any issues downloading a beat you paid for, please don’t hesitate to email us at and we will send you the beat directly.

How much do our beats costs

Our beats are priced based on what each producer thinks their beat is worth. Beat leases are more affordable because multiple people can buy them but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hits.

Some beats might be $20 leases and some might be $250 or more. The more beats you buy the more you help the producer have the resources and time to make more beats.

How do I download beats I've purchased?

Once you successfully purchase a beat we send you a download link directly to your email address you used during your purchase. You also have the ability to click on the Purchase History underneath the Checkout menu item. From there you will see a history of purchases you’ve made with the option to download each beat on that page.

How come you don't have more beats?

We just launched our website in 2018, but we’ve been collectively producing for over 10 years. This means we have a LOT of beats on the way for you and are uploading them as soon as they are tagged and ready for you to purchase. Check back often as we have at least 300+ beats in the pipeline with more being created daily.

How come you seem to only have Hip Hop beats?

Our producer roster will continue to grow as we want to have a diverse collection of music genres for artists to pick from. Give us some time to attract top producers from all genres of music. For now we focus on Hip Hop and some RnB, but know that we will be expanding music genres soon.